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We can provide you with much more than you may have envisioned. We offer a full cleaning and disinfectant services, leaving nothing to risk. We trust in giving more than a hundred percent to you, our appreciated customers.

We won't stop just when the job is carried out, but when you are completely satisfied. This attitude has helped in making us very successful and we propose to do whatever it takes to keep up and build on that solid establishment. Our specialists understand the delicate process solutions specifically for each rug material, and using a neutralizing to restore the rug back to its unique state.

Area Rug Cleaners

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With a specific end goal to duly clean your precious rugs we utilize extensive amount of hot water. We completely wash the two sides of the area or Persian rug to make sure that all built in dust, dirt and sand are removed. This is extremely substantial as if salt and sand are left inside your area rug they lead it to destroy rapidly. A lot of other rug cleaning technicians use steam cleaning, but steam does not remove the sand which shortens the life of your Oriental rugs.

Since all rugs and carpets are different, we have created specially tested products for your rugs. We send out our technicians to your home and their first task is to identify the specific fibers and dyestuff in your rugs so that they can then determine the most proper rug cleaning strategy.

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How to Remove Rug Stains & Preserve It's Colors

We realize the huge significance of your area rugs that were probably purchased because of their fiscal worth as well as magnificence and originality. We respect your rugs in the same way as you do and that is the reason our prepared personnel and experst department has spent many years creating the most faultless and fitting cleaning materials to ensure your rugs are cared for gently and expertly. They are more than just rugs - they are essentially works of art. Rather than devaluate, constantly many of these rugs will really increase in worth. So that is the reason it is even more important that these rugs get the proper master care and support; even more than other objects in your home.